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Louvered Roof

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n today’s busy life, people want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, soaking up all the warm weather before Old Man Winter arrives. This is why people want to add a louvered roof for pergolas and expand their patio. Not only does it help you spend your precious time with your children, but it also improves the appearance of your home and adds value.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Louvered Roof?

If the louvered roof is installed in your patio, it helps you to monitor the snow, rain, and sunshine in your pergola and provides a comfortable outdoor area to entertain your family or friends at home.

Here are some of the benefits of having a louvered roof.
Louvered Roofs Are Eco-Friendly – The roofs are made of high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel to ensure that the roof framework stays rust-free. Even if you use external power supplies or solar energy receivers, these roofs can be opened and closed easily with minimal power.

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Louvered Patio Covers

Louvered Patio Covers are easy to maintain. Louvered roof patio covers are as expensive as you’d think for a patio solution that can be built within a few days, depending on the project. The construction of a roof pergola does not entail a large investment of time and material. You may also clean your louvered pergola using a soft-bristled brush or a garden hose.
By Installing Louvered Roof Systems You Can Make Your Patio All Weather Ready
Our louvered roofs are constructed of durable materials that can withstand the damage of rain, wind, and even snow. With this adjustable pergola look, you can control the environment! You can let or block sunlight according to your needs by installing a louvered roof.

Installing louvered roof pergola is a common and affordable solution to enhance your outdoor living room. It not only offers shade and protection from the sun and wind but also adds safety and versatility to the surroundings. In reality, it creates a unique outdoor space where it’s great to relax from early spring to late autumn!

Conroe Louvered Roof

Adjustable Patio Covers and Pergolas

What is a Louvered Roof?
A louver is a horizontal slat that is angled to allow light and air but holds away from heat, direct light, and, to some degree, noise. Modern louvers may be made of iron, rubber, wood, or glass. Even if you never knew what it was called, you undoubtedly see some kind of louver every day because it is widely used in window blinds and shutters. The angle of the louvers can be adjustable or fixed. Many roofs have fixed angle louvers. Our product is unusual because not only do its louvers adapt, but its slats rotate 180 degrees.

Our louvers add superior ventilation and rain security to your patio. When louvers come together in a closed location, they form functional rain channels. The rain channels are deeper so that they can take more water before they spill. During these recent downpours, the smaller rain channels of our competitors have not effectively repulsed heavy rainfall. Rain fills their little canals, comes up over the lip, and floods the patio below. Others use thin, shimmering aluminum or steel that starts to rust easily. We use extruded, thick gauge aluminum that stands up to bad weather and remains rust-free for many years. So if you are looking for a well-made motorized louvered roof system with plenty of options and functionality, look no further than Equinox. 

In addition to shielding your patio from rain, our louver system is designed to enhance your outdoor living atmosphere by allowing you to monitor its temperature and lighting. The adjustable louver device will reduce harsh brightness and focus sunlight, no matter where the sun is in the sky. In certain places, the winding angle of the louvers will naturally cool off the air on your porch or patio. Last but not least, while louvers are usually seen as a functional feature in the language of modern architecture rather than an aesthetic one, we also think they look pretty good.

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adjustable patio covers

The new Equinox® Louvered Roof system creates an outdoor living space that allows you to take complete advantage of your outdoor space, rain, or shine. The Equinox Louvered Roof system is a versatile, solar-powered, and motorized adjustable patio cover which blends function and style to enhance or create your optimal outdoor living space.  As an Equinox Louvered roof contractor, we know these types of roofing projects very well.


Available in sandstone, white and clay colors, the Equinox  Louvered Roof system improves the outdoor living areas, such as courtyards, patios, outdoor kitchens, spas, swimming pools, and more. Virtually any material and finish can be added to make your outdoor living space look and sound like you like, including steel, aluminum, stucco, wood, paint, and more.

Equinox roofs can be tailored to match your choice of architectural dreams. You may use the different color combinations on the beam and the support frame to give it an elegant look. Each Equinox roof can be designed to suit the look and feel of your home and the equinox warranty is fantastic.  . 

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Conroe Louvered Roof System

The Equinox ® Louvered Roof System is flexible enough to improve any architectural design, showcasing existing buildings with gable or pitched roofs, bay windows, doors, or an angled roof or wall. The Equinox ® Louvered Roof framework also has the potential to be built to be self-contained.
160-degree Range of Motion of Louvers

With a simple touch of a button, louvers can be placed anywhere within their 160-degree range of motion to satisfy the exact amount of safety or ventilation needed. The solar-powered battery pack reduces the environmental and negative effects of personal finance as it does not need any additional energy.

If you are looking for Equinox Louvered Roof dealers, look no further than Conroe Patio Covers. Our company guarantees that your louvered roofs are installed efficiently, on time, and on the highest standards.

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