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Aluminum Patio Covers

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The warm spring weather will soon be here, followed by hot, sunny days. If your house has a patio, you’ll probably enjoy using it in warmer weather. Still, it can get very hot in the summer if there’s no shade available.

You can make your patio more comfortable so that you can use it all year round by installing a new aluminum patio cover. The aluminum patio cover offers protection against all types of weather. It can keep your patio at comfortable temperatures on hot, sunny days and protect people from rain and snow.

patio cover can increase the amount of usable living space you have at home. If your patio is comfortable enough to be used at any time, you can use it for meals, barbecues,  parties, or as a play area for your children.

You can limit the amount of shade in your patio by adding a lattice patio cover. The lattice tube spacing can be easily adjusted to provide an optimum amount of shade so that your living space in the patio is a comfortable, relaxing place. The roof of the patio can reduce the number of UV rays reaching your patio. You can even block the sun’s rays by installing an insulated roof of the patio.

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How long do aluminum patio covers last?

Well, aluminum is sturdy and durable. It’s not going to rot, rust, fade, chip, or crack. Aluminum is completely recyclable, so you’re not going to harm the environment.

When it comes to aluminum patio covers vs wood, fire can damage or destroy wood, warp metal, and melt the vinyl. Aluminum is fire-resistant, offering peace of mind.

Adding a new aluminum patio cover may increase the value of your home. A patio cover is an inexpensive improvement that can increase the price you can get if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Conroe Patio Covers installs quality aluminum patio covers that can increase the amount of usable space you have available all year round. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of being able to use your patio at any time, whatever the weather. Contact us today to learn more about the aluminum patio covers that we have to offer.

Conroe Aluminum Patio Covers

Serving the Conroe and Greater Houston area

In the world of outdoor home improvement, the design is important as the decoration and beauty of your patio will be affected by the cover. The different patio designs often have different costs, depends entirely on how complex the design is. The good thing is that the aluminum material can be altered and welded as required, which means that you can make the aluminum patio cover fit the shape or size you need. With aluminum material, the patio can take on any shape at a high bending angle.

For the wrap-around patios, you’ll find that a piecemeal approach will be used with a lot of welding in between. You can specify larger parts, but this will give your aluminum patio a more blocky look, so let your contractor provide the designs of what your final product might look like. In either situation, it is difficult to provide such modifications with wooden patio covers.

Beyond price and aesthetic quality, the choice of aluminum has a few other benefits over other patio cover options. Aluminum patio covers are Eco-friendly, and you can build your entire structure without a single piece of plastic. You won’t have any problems with chemical reactions and dyeing that you might have with wooden covers, and the lack of annual maintenance through sanding and staining means that you won’t inhale any nasty chemicals. 

Finally, aluminum materials do not have a hazardous effect on the body after accidental scratching during the installation process and can be easily fixed with little adjustment. 

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The decision of the homeowner to install a patio cover to extend their living space to the outdoors makes a lot of sense. The next choice that must be taken, after the location has been chosen is the material to be used for the patio cover. The majority of the patio covers are made of either wood or aluminum. These two materials have both advantages and disadvantages, but aluminum always comes to the top.

PATIO COVER DURABILITY – Now, most people would not associate aluminum with durability compared to wood, but when it comes to patio covers, aluminum can handle everything. Wind, rain, snow, and sunshine don’t break down aluminum like they do with wood. The elements have virtually no effect on the light metal, but will slowly deteriorate the wood over time. Aluminum patio cover upkeep is next to none. If there is a dust storm, just hose off the cover, and it looks brand new. Wood, on the other hand, will need annual treatment and coatings to keep the elements from breaking down.

PATIO COVER COST – Upfront, an aluminum patio can cost more than a wooden version. However, if you factor in the maintenance needed to prevent the wood from rotting, deforming, or losing paint/finishing for just a few years of use, your aluminum patio cover will be exceeded every single time. The aluminum paint cover is much more durable than any wood finish.

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